Post Second Coming battle Utopia (X-Men Base) 01

North America


Assumed Republic


Scott "Cyclops" Summers





It seemed to us the people of the United States wanted us gone, so we left. But we won't be pushed, prosecuted, persecuted, or punished any further. We seek peace and to live peacefully.
— Cyclops

Utopia is an island nation off the coast of the United States (near San Francisco) and populated entirely by Mutants. Utopia began as one of the Mutant terrorist Magneto's many orbital bases hovering in space, until the X-Men brought it down in one of their early missions. With the hate for the Mutant race growing every day, the X-Men began to feel the need to find a place where they could be tied to their own laws and decided to transform the wrecked remains of the base into their own island nation- Utopia, a place where all mutants were welcome, free of hate and discrimination.

While the Island's founding has caused a great deal of controversy, various influential groups have ensured that the UN recognizes it as a sovereign nation, and both SHIELD and the Avengers have ensured that the X-Men retain full jurisdiction as a crime fighting team outside their own nation. Nevertheless, the foundation of Utopia has caused the beginning of a major ideological split in the X-Men and the Mutant community- some of the older members feel that the idea of founding a Mutant-Only nation represents the first steps in abandoning the dreams of Charles Xavier, or that the concept is too eerily similar to the terrorist Magneto and his mutant nation, Genosha, which has only further blurred the line between "good" and "bad" Mutants in the eyes of the general population.