Spider-Man swung down the infested streets, a million thoughts running through his head. All of this was his fault... everyone who died in this event...was blood on his hands. He could've told SHIELD or...or someone about what the Symbiotes really were, but no, Venom was "his problem". And now Mary Jane was in the hosptial, and everyone he has ever known was in danger. Spider-Man leapt atop a Gargoyle, pausing for a brief moment, before pulling out a cellphone, and dialing frantically.

"Baxter Building, Fantastic Four? This is Pete- I need Reed Richards!" he frantically yelled into the phone, but there was no one home to take the message. He tried to dial Tony Stark and Avenger's Mansion, with similar results. Giving up, he put the phone away. Maybe he was alone in this afterall. Below, he heard the Symbiotes stop hissing and screaming. The silence was eerie, and when Spidey looked upon the streets, they were barren of alien life.

Suddenly, a punch collided with his side, nearly knocking him off the roof. His spider sense should've warned him about an attack, unless...

"Do you like what we've done with the place, Parker?" his Symbiote rival, Venom smiled in mockery.

"Eddie!" Spider-Man yelled. "Your fight is with me- leave the city alone, and let's settle this like-" his cry was cut off as Venom booted him from the roof, causing him to crash into the streets below with a bang. Venom leapt down after him, roaring. His tendrils lashed out, gripping at various symbiote pods and the zombies nearby, and pulling them into him, combining their Symbiotes with his own. He began to grow in size, standing at least twice his original height. He smiled wide, his long tounge dripping out between his razor sharp teeth.

"Well, Parker, you still want to settle this!" He roared.

Venom Overwhelming Symbiote

This is Nick Fury, I've got my eyes of the high-priority target, Venom- he's beating the unholy hell out of Spider-Man down on Wall Street. If you're reading this, he needs immediate back-up. Venom is responisble for this whole break-out, so capturing him takes priority over any missions you may have standing right now. Hurry up and back him up!