Moon Knight's flying vehicle soared through the decaying streets of New York, dodging and weaving through infested hives that were once the city's famed skyscrapers. Sergeant South had an important meeting to gather SHIELD intelligence from someone at Tony Stark's personal tower. Stark, along with many other Avengers, were unaccounted for in this infestation. Moon Knight's vessel slowly landed on the Tower's landing pad, where dozens of SHIELD guards were already present to meet with the two heroes.

Stark Tower

The SHIELD Agents were lead by a red headed woman who approached South and Moon Knight. "Sergeant South, I presume?" She addressed the hero. "I am the Black Widow- I've been stuck here trying to coordinate this mess from Stark's precious tower. I called you in because I have a mission that I need someone to deal with, and frankly there's not enough people in this hell I'd trust with a high risk operation." She paused briefly, pulling out a dossier covered in classified notifications, passing them to Moon Knight and South. "The US Military was experimenting on creating a group of soldiers using symbiotes to enhance soldiers. Up until now, it was a success, but one of them has gone off the handle- Rico Axelson. Codenamed: Phage. Axelson was always a loose cannon, but he was also an excellent marksman and useful- but now he's a liability. Track him down, and deal with him- I don't care how. Trust in your own judgement on the matter."

As South made his way back to Moon Knight's ship, Black Widow stopped again. "Take this communicator with you- it'll allow you to contact myself or any nearby SHIELD forces in the area. Someone may be able to give you some tactical information later."

*A few minutes later- Moon Knight's Ship*

Sergeant South and Moon Knight soared through the streets again, making their way to Phage's last known position in the city. Little did they know that the Symbiote was watching them from a secluded window in one of the infected buildings. Phage readied a sniper rifle and fired, piercing the engine on Moon Knight's vessel, sending it crashing into the ground below. The heroes managed to deploy parachutes quickly enough, thanks to Moon Knight's keen intuition, but as the vehicle crashed into the ground below and the Symbiotes began to swarm around it, South knew that his work was only beginning...