The Watch Dog

The Watch Dog




Lightning Control, Super solider, Super-Intelligent, Golden Tongue, Future Sense, Healing Aura, Electron Touch, Master Gun wielder and blade wielder Superhuman Agility and Reflexes


Black Deusium Katana "Noire", Colt APC, Laser Knife Bayonet, Twin Jackel Pistols, Lightning in various forms, huge assortment of explosives and ammo carried in his pocket.


Unknown. Expected to reside in Brazil or America.


Active Since 2004-Present


John Brooks was born to a military based family who had much to live up to as he was expected to do the same when he grew up. At the age of 10 he began being trained by multiple family members the art of war. He became an amazing shot by the age of 13 and was considered to have some great potineal as a solider. At the age of 18 he was offically part of the US Army and later joined the Rangers at the age of 21 and quickly rose to the rank of Captain. During a mission he was forced to experience an airstrike on a small villiage that contained a major terrorist. He later joined SEAL Team 6 at the 24 and left a year later to join Blackwater were he felt his skills were needed. There he meet Spec Ops from all around the globe and learn their ways of war and how they operated. After becoming tired of the way of war he left Blackwater at the age of 27 and traveled the globe for the next year seeking spirtual enlightenment. After finding a small tree villiage in Brazil he settled down their for the time being. While traveling through the jungle one day he stumbled upon a small beautiful lake where he saw a spirit he belives to this day to be god. This spririt told him of the recent inbalance in the world of Good and Evil and he has choosen him to help balance the world. He accepted this mission seeking to find a higher purpose in life was the reason he traveled in the first place. He would awaken a week later with powers beyond him and at that time at the age of 28 he would become "The Watch Dog." He is currently 35 years old and has operated all around the world for the past 7 years his currently his location is unknown although it is belived he lives somewhere in Brazil or America.

To be Finished.