The Saxon



"Strength of 30 Mortal Men"

Enhanced Durability

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant

Skilled Swordsman


Mystical unbreakable longsword

Mystical watch that transforms into an iron shield


Saint Alburs, Quebec, Canada


The Clan of the Geats


Alive and Active

Beowulf is an anti-hero created by Cfp3157.


Marcus Geatson was born on January 15th, 1990, to a poor farmer and former model in the cold city of Saint Alburs. An unknown fact was that his father's family had bloodlines to famous hero of Danish vikings, Beowulf. It was known that the firstborn male was destined to posses his ancestor's strength and his magical sword, Naegling. Afer his grandfather's death in 2001, Marcus' father used the family gift for profit rather than to help others. His father worked as a mob enforcer, thief, and murderer. However, his criminal hobbies forced him become an enemy to another criminal organization. On November 14th, 2005 Marcus watched as his father, mother, and sister were brutally beaten to death by five mobsters. A mystical aura, the Strength of 30 Mortal Men, passed from Marcus' father's body into Marcus. Suddenly, Marcus was transformed. The five gangsters attacked the fifteen year old, but were in for a surprise. As one gangster swung his pipe at Marcus' arm, it bent at a terrible angle as it collided with his new found strength. Another attempted a thrust with his switchblade, but the blade snapped against Marcus' iron hard stomach. The five gangsters abandoned Marcus as he weeped over his lost family. Over the years, Marcus had discovered through his uncle about the burden that his family bore. Mastering his ability and training under his uncle, Marcus went on a quest to clean up the streets of Saint Alburs as Beowulf, his ancestor. But even as he wiped the streets of crime, the people still feared him as it was the identity his father used. So Beowulf set about both clearing his father's name and making the city of Saint Alburs a better place.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Strength of 30 Mortal Men: The Saxon inherits the powers of his great ancestor, Beowulf. He inherited the his mighty strength, and has the strength of 30. He can lift up to 60 tons with ease, and has shown to be able to pound metal doors apart.
  • Enhanced Durability: With his mighty strength, The Saxon's muscles are much harder than a normal humans. His skin can break thin metal blades like in switchblades, and he can shrug off pipes as if they were nothing.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The Saxon has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, knowing both Savata (French kickboxing) and karate. His uncle, a former Marine and ex-con, has also taught him improvised combat.
  • Skilled Swordsman: The Saxon has been trained by his uncle on his mother's side swordsmanship. He is capable of fighting multiple opponents at once.


  • Naegling: The Sword of his ancestor, this sword has been improved upon. The blade is forged of a titanium alloy metal, and he sharpens the blade regularly. The sword is about a single meter long, and has a double edge blade.