Purifiers Head
Formed at the height of anti-Mutant prejudice in the 1970's, The Purifiers is a 100% super power-less paramilitary militia and terrorist organization created by Reverend William Stryker on a foundation of hate and distrust for the Mutant race. Armed with uniquely crafted vibranium blades and a wide array of firearms, the Purifiers have a single, simple goal- the complete destruction of Mutant-kind, regardless of the cost. Like the Klu Klux Klan and other racially motivated hate-groups, over time The Purifiers have become less and less numerous, but unlike their counterparts, they have only become more dangerous in their dwindled numbers. Those few who remain loyal to them to this day are deep in their convictions and loyalty to the organization, and while Stryker was arrested in the late 1980's, his ally and fellow mutant hater, Bolivar Trask began to supply the Purifiers with their own Sentinels to compensate.

Now that they are armed with Sentinels, and with reports that they are experimenting with a virus that could potentially spread only to or depower Mutant targets, The Purifiers have become potential threats under the radar of SHIELD, and have fallen under heavy scrutiny. The sewers of New York are often where they make their modern homes, and they are very difficult to find or join if they aren't already looking for you.


The Purifiers are a very closed off and hard to find group: while they are not against new members, they will not hire anyone with visible super powers into their organization, and if a member is discovered to have powers that are more subtle or can be hidden, they will kick the character out of the organization. Characters must not be under the Hero morality and must prove their hatred for mutants is uncompromising and merciless before they can enter the Purifiers. Benefits include advanced technology that will help players bring down meta human foes, including weaponized viruses, personal Sentinels and temporary super power disruptors.

Current MembershipEdit

Major NPC MembersEdit

  • Reverend William Stryker (leader)

Player CharactersEdit

  • None currently

Associates and AlliesEdit

  • Bolivar Trask