-Advanced Acrobat

-Keen sense of improvisation

-Keen knowledge of the mystics

-Skilled interrogator

-Stealth skills


S&W Model 36, Derringer, variety of specialized ammunition, his environment


Across the United States


The Storage



Snatch is a hero created by Cfp3157.


Riley Ortaga was a firefighter who's sense of observation and improvisation led him to save many people from housefires and other emergenies. His skills in improvisation, his natural acrobatic skills, and keen observation caught the attention of Fenix Cassidy, the representative of The Storage. Fenix approached Riley about a job, and the firefighter found himself relocating from big city Houston to a small town Little Wiggin, West Virginia. There Fenix informed Riley of The Storage, a neutral organization who dedicated their time to finding ancient artifacts that possessed power beyond human terms and locking them away from those who would abuse them. After being told this information, Riley was given the choice of either joining their organization or being dropped on a random island in the Pacific Ocean. Naturally, Riley choose to join The Storage. Since that fateful day, Riley has led a secretive life of taking powerful artifacts from both evil doers and innocent people. On occasion, he will keep some artifacts and give them to a former friend and ally of his, Relic.


  • Peak Human Physicality: Snatch is at the peak of human physical performance. He can lift around 450 pounds, and is tough enough to withstand a small number of very small caliber firearms.
  • Keen Sense of Improvisation: Snatch has a very keen ability to examine his environment in a short amount of time to react to his situation accordingly. In the past he has shown to be able to quickly adapt to any situation given his environment.
  • Advanced Acrobatic Skills: Given his rather cowardly nature, Snatch has become a skilled parkour runner and free runner. He often seems to roll over objects with ease, and has been shown to use multiple things in his environment for different reasons, such as a trash can as a springboard or a loose brick as a handhold.
  • Keen Knowledge of the Mystics: Given his nature as a paranormal "retriever", Snatch possesses a keen knowledge how mos mystical artifacts and items work. Though the nature of his objective is different each time, he can easily identify the differences between a normal object and a magical one.
  • Stealth Skills: Snatch has abilities in stealth. While no ninja, Snatch can blend in with his environment well and knows a few things about hiding.




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