Raphael the Slayer



Customized Mosin-Nagant, "Scorcher", Customized dual Colt SAA's, explosive Kunai, crossbow, and Saber




Roman Catholic Church



Business. Just business. You say that it's business, nothing personnel. Tell that to the countless fathers, who have lost their precious little girls to your grasp. Tell that to the mothers who have spent years to raise these girls into successful women. All that love and work thrown away. Nothing personnel, please. It is just the opposite. And because of your crimes and evil, you will die. May God have mercy on your retched soul.
— Raphael the Slayer to a sex slave trafficker.
 Raphael the Slayer is an anti-hero created by Cfp3157.


Raphael was a normal priest in the Vatican City when the 9-11 Terror attack happened. He told his concerns to the pope, and his Holiness told him about a secret sect of the church that kept it defended against potential threats and other dangers to humankind. These dangers also include vampires and "captains of Hell", all disguised as maifa dons, cartel bosses, and other major criminals. Raphael join this sect and aced all tests including startegy and tactics, free-running, and marksmanship. He earned the rank of "Slayer". Instead of getting the normal revolver and knife, he was given acess to all sorts of weapons and firearms. He also travels around the world and helps the lower ranked priests that must face the said threats of humankind.


Customized Mosin-Nagant: Raphael's Mosin-Nagant is outfitted with a scope, and has been modified to have a box magazine instead of an internal one.

"Scorcher": Raphael built a custom shotgun that fires, not only blessed shells, but also other ones like energy, explosive, knockout, and armor-piercing rounds. It holds a total of eleven rounds plus one in the chamber.

Customized Dual Colt Peacemakers: Raphael's Colt Peacemakers have been modified with red dot sights.

Smoke Grenades: These smoke grenades contain ball bearings, so they wound and distract at the same time.

Kunai: Raphael holds a large amount of Kunai throwing knives in various places like his shoulders, hips, legs, and boots. They also have been modified to explode when Robert presses a button on his armor.

Sabre: Rapahel has a special saber made of tempered steel.

Armor: He wears a special suit of steel chainmail, which protects him from small arms fire, slashes, most thrusts, and lowers explosive damage.

Medkit: Raphael has a first aid kit with a scapel, bandages, and other important mecidal tools.