Every Meta-Human character has access to one Passive Power and one Offensive Power.

Passive powers are abilities that are in effect at all times for the character. These are often vital to a character's fighting style or skill set, and allow them to do things like heal major wounds over time, or see through walls. This page will list all of the available passive powers for a playable character to use.

  • Super Strength- The Player has above human strength levels. It should be noted that there are three levels of Super Strength- "Captain America", which puts you only a little above normal strength and gives you standard mobility, "Luke Cage" which makes you about twice as strong as normal and makes you have as fast as a normal person, and "Hulk" which makes you as strong as the heaviest hitters in Marvel, at the cost of almost all of your mobility and speed.
  • Healing Factor- Allows the player to recover damage recieved over time. This effect is not immediate like with Wolverine and Deadpool, and only kicks in after each battle for balance.
  • X-Ray Vision- Allows the player to see through solid objects. This is limited to a single object at a time, so seeing through a wall will not allow you to see through a safe door behind that wall.
  • Telepathic Communication- The Player is able to communicate with other players via their minds. The only way this conversation can be heard by other players is if they are also Telepaths, and are able to break through the speaker's concentration to hear it. All dialouge expressed telepathically should be indicated with a / at the beginning and end, so a message would read /Hey bro, I'm in yo head. Why you so pringles?/
  • Flight- The Player is able to fly far above the ground, without the aid of wings. If they have wings, then this does not count as a super power.
  • Super Mobility- The Player is able to run, jump, dodge, react and perform feats of agility at a superhuman level. These won't make you as fast as Quicksilver, or as mobile as Spider-Man, but they will make you notably above the rank and file in all of these regards, making you harder to hit, and easier to recieve damage from.