Mao "Kemonohito" Koji



-Superhuman strength

-Superhuman Speed

-Superhuman dexterity

-Superhuman stamina

-Superhuman endurance

-Superhuman durability

-Superhuman Agility

-Superhuman reflexes

-Superhuman senses

-Cosmic sense

-Chi Manipulation

-Energy projectiles


-Hist fists







Mao "Beastman" Koji is a side character created by MrPacheco101. He is a centuries year old vagabond karataka, who travels around the world in search of a sole successor of an extremly powerful martial arts known as the "Jigoku no Fenikkusu Ken" (Infernal Phoenix Fist).


Mao was born in 1871 in Kyoto, Japan. His father Japanese and his mother Korean, who died while giving birth to him. Mao's father left him to fend for himself at the age of five. While wondering the street young Mao was found by a man named Ken Takahana, an instructor of a karate dojo, who took in the young child as his own. From then on he was taught the style along with other students, whom ridiculed Mao for his mixed heritage. Despite the prejudice he faced, Koji was determined to prove himself the strongest fighter in this dojo and trained extensively day and night. By age 15, Mao reached the rank of black belt at an incredibly fast rate. At age 17, Mao defeated every student at the dojo and challenged his foster father for title of grand master. After a long hard fought match, Mao managed to defeat his Takahana, but the taste of victory was bitter. The young man felt that his technique was weak, his strength frail, and his stance faltering. It was there Mao decided to create his own karate style, the perfect karate style that emphasize the strength of the human spirit. Mao left the dojo at age 19 and traveled to the dense forest, where he lived there as hermit for 8 solid years. Exercising day and night through extreme means ranging from walking all the way up a mountain trail carrying a giant boulder to jumping over a 2 story trees. Despite this, it wasn't enough for the hermit karataka who kept pushing himself more and more pass the limit, until finally he collapsed. His muscles were strained to the point of no return and his heart was seconds away from giving out. On the verge of death, it was there that Mao had a vision brought upon. A phoenix appears  before him in a twist of golden flames.



Infernal Phoenix FistEdit