Luke Cage

Improvised melee weapons, a chain-belt whip


Harlem, New York


Heroes For Hire



Sweet Christmas!
— Power Man

Originally born with the name Carl Lucas, the super hero known as both Power Man and Luke Cage is one of the Marvel Universe's most prolific street-level superheroes. In his youth, Carl Lucas was a member of the street gang known as The Rivals, and committed numerous petty thefts and frequently battled with the rival gang, The Diablos, with his best friend Willis Stryker. When he realized how much his life style was hurting his family, however, Lucas left the ganglife behind- vowing to better himself as a man. While Lucas was living a normal life, Stryker was raising through the ranks- eventually getting on the bad side of The Maggia, who nearly killed him, and only left due to Carl's intervention. Stryker, in a paranoid fit of rage, believing that Lucas was responsible for his trouble, planted heroin on him and tipped off the police, resulting in his arrest.

While in prison, Dr. Noah Burstein recruited Lucas as a volunteer for experimental cell regeneration based on a variant of the Super-Soldier process he had previously used to empower Warhawk. Burstein immersed Lucas in an electrical field conducted by an organic chemical compound; when he left Lucas unattended, Rackham misused the experiment's controls, hoping to maim or kill Lucas. Lucas's treatment was accelerated past its intent, inducing body-wide enhancement that gave him superhuman strength and durability. He used his new power to escape Seagate and made his way back to New York, where a chance encounter with criminals inspired him to use his new powers for profit.

Taking the new name Luke Cage and the super hero moniker Power Man- he had a new mission; to clean the gangs out of Harlem. As a street-level vigilante, Luke Cage is in constant contact with fellow heroes Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher, Moon Knight and many others. Over the years he has learnt a great deal from these friends- including numerous forms of unarmed combat and experience in leading.


Web of ShadowsEdit

When Venom's symbiote infection began in New York, Spider-Man relied on Luke Cage to protect his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, who had broken her arm during Spider-Man's battle with Venom and was in the hospital at the time. Taking her to a secure Heroes for Hire Safe House, Luke Cage began to attempt to broker a peace between rival Harlem gangs the Park Avenues and the Rolling Sixes, but was failing in his efforts. When SHIELD quarantined the city, Luke Cage was chasing after the gang violence, which had spread throughout the city, in an attempt to get them to unite together to fight the Symbiotes. He ran into Bloodgush, and the two teamed up to battle the alien infected and the gangers.