Genosha 0001

Indian Ocean




Max "Magneto" Eisenhardt





The time for subtlety is passing. Now is the time for change.
— Magneto

Genosha is an African island nation located in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar. Originally, the people of Genosha used the population's Mutants as slave labor, causing them to become one of the richest nations on the sea. Citizens identified as Mutant were lobotomized, and to keep the atrocities committed on the minority, a group known as the Magistrates ensured that all citizenship of Genosha was permanent, and ensured that anyone trying to start a new life elsewhere would be forced back to the island. After numerous decades of civil war and a reliance on minority slave labor as an economy, the nation collapsed and Genosha became a mostly deserted and haunting memory.

When Magneto made demands for a mutant-only nation, the United Nations ceded control of the island to him, hoping that having a paradise for his own people would halt his more villainous activities- a gamble that proved successful as Magneto embraced his new role as leader of the nation. While the former terrorist and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants still strikes back at anti-Mutant aggression, even in other nations, he has spent much of his time attempting to cultivate a paradise for his own kind- albeit, one under an aggressive government with a strong feeling of superiority towards other races.