Garangor is a villain created by Sport Shouting.

Short BiographyEdit

Garangor is an ex-Nova Corps officer and went rogue in the year 2000. Acting as an intergalactic terrorist,
he has been committing crimes on planets across the universe. With past ties to Ronan the Accuser and Silver Surfer , he has done missions with them and helped Galactus devour a planet in our galaxy. One of his lifelong goals is to find access into Asgard and Jotunheim , which he does not have. Over the last few years, he has searched for Thanos to find his way into those lands. 

Notable Accomplishments/DeedsEdit


  • Stolen Chitauri Gun
  • Melee weapon made of a material similar to Vibranium .
  • His old Nova Corps electric baton (seen in Guardians of the Galaxy trailer).