El Krokodil
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El Krokodil


His offensive powers^


All across Texas primarily residing in the Sewers.


Alone for now



El Krokodil is a character created by Jakkeflame


Dan Marino was a Mexican who immigrated to Canada as a child. He had a constant interest in Reptiles and excelled in Science class in school. He won the science fair 7 years in a row. He was often bullied for his "nerdiness". He was beat up just about everyday in school. That did not break his spirit or keep him from giving up his love for Science. He was strong willed and continued to work. At the age of 15, he lost his first Science fair getting third place. This was due to what was now his overconfidence. The next day he asked him to talk to him in the Janitor's closet, he then beat him to death by hitting him over the head with one of the glass bottles he used for his Science project. He was never convicted or caught of it. By the time he hit college he had become a full psychopath obsessed with Science willing to kill anyone who got in his way or he felt was a threat to his project. By then he had committed 2 other murders of people who he felt were a threat to his project. After college he became a Scientist for Weapon X. 7 years later he came up with the idea for a massive project which would create the ultimate weapon. Unfortunately for him, it would cost 6 billion dollars to make and Weapon X was unwilling to fund the project. He began working on a project to make himself into a Weapon so he could steel enough money to fund this project of his. A year later it was done. He had created all of the right chemicals to do it. All he needed then was the DNA of a Crocodile. He traveled to the local Zoo where he broke in at night, and stole the Crocodile's DNA. Unfortunately for the Crocodile it woke up and attacked Marino, Marino then shot it. At the Zoo he injected himself with the DNA and the chemicals. He painfully grew into this massive size. When it was done he was shocked at what he had created. He then released every animal there to test his abilities. The result: every animal there dead, all attacks on him bounced right off. He decided to go down to Texas where the Drug Trade is huge and reside in the Sewers. He currently grows drugs and makes meth for which he hires street punks to deal. If these punks act out, he sells them to Human Traffickers. He has now been doing this for 4 years, and has now collected 800 million, he now just needs 5.2 billion to create this weapon.