Able to improvise and make gadgets and weapons on the fly


Duct Tape, Swiss Army Knife


None currently



A paperclip is a wonderful thing. More times than I can remember, one of these things have gotten me out of a tight spot.
— Devise

Devise is a fictional hero created by Affectos.


Mac Anderson was at one point a college student in St. Paul...or at least that was until he got caught up in a hostage crisis at his college.  Perfering to use his wits and mind over his fists, he was able to help take out several of the attackers using various thrown together items such as an improvised grenade of diet soda and mentos in a tightly sealed container to making a impromptue cannon out of some wooden boards, metal piping, aresol, an electrical cord, duct tape, and an 8 pool ball for ammo.

While this earned hime some praise from the area and his peers, it inspired him to step his game up.  Taking on the guise of 'Devise', he took his jerry rigging skills to the next level.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Devise seems to have a sturdy grasp on how thing mechanically work, and how to make things work together in desperate times.  Various examples of this include:

  • Creating instant ice slicks from water on floors and a fire extinguisher
  • Grappling hook from tennis balls, rope, and duct tape
  • Mini rocket launcher made from a crutch, magnesium, iron rust, a flare, and duct tape
  • Minature explosions made from newspaper, lighter fluid, fertilizer, cotton, and duct tape
  • Revealing lasers with cigarette smoke or ash

This is helped that Devise has good knowledge in chemistry & mechanincs.


While by far not the best brawler in the Marvel universe, Devise has taken several tae kwando classes.  Also as a note, he refuses to use guns in combat (but will demantle them for pieces if needed) and on occasion has worn a bullet resistant vest of duct tape, corn starch, and water.


When on missiosn, Devise carries primarily two things: A roll of silver duct tape (other colors depending on the mission), and a Swiss Army Knife custom made for him.