Sometimes a Anti-Hero, Sometimes a Anti-Villain


Super Strength, Martial Arts expert


Two retractable arm blades,A Broad Sword,A Dirk,A pouch of Kunai, A pouch of Ballistic Knives,Two Charkrams,Two Shoulder Mounted Retractable Buzzsaws,Retractable Chainsaw Blades on his shoes,Dual Katanas,A Spiked Knuckle Trench Knife,A Kukri,A curved Scythe,M16 Assault Rifle,The Berretta 92F,The Heckler and Koch G36,A heavily customized Barrett M82 (Extended Mags, Red Dot Sight, Bayonet.


Throughout the world





I feel sorry for anyone who had the displeasure of being hunted by the Blade Man because once he finds you, he won't stop till-you are dead.
— The Killer, a mafia boss who once hired Blade Man

Blade Man is a fictional character by OshBosh.


Blade Man is a mercenary for hire and a bladed weapons master. He is notorius among many heroes and villains for always accomplishing his mission, whether it would be to assasinate a dictator, apprehend a hero or murdering crimelords. He was emplyed by many people including S.H.I.E.L.D, mafia bossess, the police and more. Despite being one that always gets the job done, he will never hurt innocents and any mission involving harming them he is quick to say no. Not much is known about the Blade Man other then his parents were scientists when he was young and due to an attack by a terrorist, left them crippled for all their  life. Once he grew up, using his parents technology, fashioned a suit with reatractable buzzsaws and arm blades. The suit also gave him super human strength, though only when he wears the suit. He then bought many bladed weapons from weapon stores and became a mercenary for hire. He is ruthless, yet honorable, as he will never hurt innocents or children. He has had his own run-ins with other heroes and villains and often tiimes are hired by him. 


Being a bladed weapons master he all kinds of blades, including:

Two reatractale arm blades

A Broad Sword

A Dirk

A pouch of Kunai

A pouch of Ballistic Knives

Two Charkrams

Two Shoulder Mounted Reatractable Buzzsaws

Reatractable Chainsaw Blades on his shoes

Dual Katanas

A Spiked Knuckle Trench Knife

A Kukri

A curved Scythe

He occasionaly uses firearms including:</p>

The M16 Assault Rifle

The Berretta 92F

The Heckler and Koch G36

A heavily customized Barrett M82 (Extended Mags, Red Dot Sight, Bayonet)