Petrushka Bradlovica Kraylovski

Petrushka Bradlovica Kraylovski


Mostly good (has some problems with her morals.)


The ability to jam weapons and manipulate bullets.

Superhuman ability to jump, run, lift, etc. (Leading to Parkour skills)


Preffered: AK-47, FN 5.7 pistol, Custom knife.

Other: can use just about any weapon ever made.


Apartment room #208, Jose-carlo housing co.

Miami Beach, waiting for next mission.



Mercenary, Assassin, Hired Security.

Dosen't prefer to take stupid missions.


Mortal Status: Alive

Physical Status: Minor injury on her shoulder from last mission.

Mental Status: Sane, bored while she waits for a new job or mission.

 Flame-Wind is a character made by Sergei Alexi Borichinov.

Bio and information.Edit

Petrushka is a mercenary of mysterious origins. She most recently appeared during the First Terajistan Civil war as a PMC working for P.E.A.C.E.B.R.I.N.G.E.R International Corp.

All Petra knows is three things, she has an amazing skill in combat, she is aparantly the living spirit of the Automatic Weapon, and she woke up on a beach in full military uniform. Early situations resulted in her encountering a US police department and killing most of them in a shooting. Escaping across the sea to europe, she was picked up by PEACEBRINGER for her skills at combat, seeing the potential for an excellent PMC, they gave her additional training in tactics and discipline, resulting in her becoming one of the world's best soldiers. Soon after this some members of PEACEBRINGER engaged an unknown military force in Terajistan, resulting in the PMCs in the shooting being completely wiped out.

Petrushka's main goals are to find out about her past and why this unknown force is attacking Peacebringer PMCs during their operations.